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But when you go back to edit your writing , pluck out the fluffy ones, leaving behind only the precious gems.

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The problem is your readers have limited attention spans. Too much information leads to overwhelm and causes your readers to wonder what the point was. Instead of being promiscuous with your writing, be picky. A little mystery will make your writing better. I used to think that just throwing all sorts of facts at readers would show them how much detail and care went into my writing.


Little did I know, my infodumping was actually putting them to sleep. If you want readers to learn something, do it within the context of something interesting. People respond to emotions, not facts.

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Share a story. Ask a friend to read over your writing.

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Watch his expressions as his eyes scan through the piece. But you can improve your chances if you genuinely enjoy what you put out to the world. Embrace your words. Show people you care. What do you think? What is one way to keep your writing from being boring? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

What does she do? Practice writing her scenario for fifteen minutes. There are ways to help your pet acquire new habits, and ways to relieve your dog of the daily loneliness so that life can fall into a rhythm where both of you are happy to see each other at the end of the work day.

Even shy cats and dogs respond well to social activities and sharing companionship with their families -- human or otherwise. Providing a time for daily exercise and for relaxing together is necessary for a well-adjusted pet. Walking your dog for just minutes in the morning before leaving for the day may help him or her to release some pent up energy -- at least enough until you come home from work to walk again.

It is similar for cats.

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Giving your cat some playtime before walking out the door can stimulate the mind and body, and playing a little game such as with lasers or feather toys can help your cat to release some of the energy he has had to hold in all day. If your day is just too hectic to spend enough time in the early morning playing or taking walks, or if you have a pet that has an energy level that exceeds your allowance of time, you might consider hiring a local dog walker or pet sitter or even a neighbor to come in and spend some time with your pet in the middle of the day.

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Doggie day care centers are also an excellent option, and are fortunately a growing trade. These facilities provide daily activities and socialization with other dogs, along with healthy meal choices.

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Just as you would for a daycare for a child, do your research, and ask lots of questions before enrolling your dog in a daycare program. There is a growing industry in the pet market, and toys are no exception.

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Just as the '80s saw mentally stimulating toys for newborns, so has the pet industry recognized the need for animals to be mentally stimulated. Puzzle-type toys that release treats at certain intervals or in response to interaction are excellent ways to keeping your pet from thinking about more destructive matters.

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