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For safety sake, make sure everyone in your family closes the toilet lid. Tuck strings, cords, and wires out of reach. Animals may chew or become tangled in the cords from your electronics or window treatments.

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Protect your animals and your home by keeping those pet hazards out of reach. Put a latch on cabinets.

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Cabinet doors can be easily opened with the nudge of a nose or paw. Prevent your pet from getting into your stash of cleaning supplies by putting a child-safe latch on your lower cabinet doors.

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Secure your screens. Cats and dogs love to look out windows. They might get a little too excited when they spot a squirrel or bird. Check your window screens to make sure they are tightly secured. Provide safe chew toys and scratching posts. Cats mark territory with scent from glands in their paws and also scratch to sharpen their claws and stretch their muscles.

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You can prevent them from taking out their natural instincts on your furniture, flooring, door trim, and windowsills by presenting palatable alternatives. Put healthy chew toys in various places for your dog. Place scratching posts and boards preferably with coarse surfaces, like sisal rope near the areas where you cat likes to scratch.

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Rub catnip oil on the scratching surface to entice the cat. Give them their own space. You have your bedroom, so why not give your dog or cat their personal space?

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A dog bed with toys and perhaps a blanket with your scent on it is perfect for your canine companion. Cats prefer to hide away in a secluded space, so a quiet retreat away from bustling activity will be ideal. Emotional punk rock with the raw honesty and unvarnished quality of In Utero from Oakland artist Kevin Nichols.

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